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Thursday, 12 July 2007

CRE condemns Tintin book

The Commission for Racial Equality has condemned a new English language edition of 'Tintin in the Congo', reports the Times, and has called for the book to be banned. Well done. The CRE has now given this book the sort of publicity that publishers only dream of, and has ensured that it will become a huge hit amongst teenagers.

As with many of my generation, the Tintin books in the original French were always a fun and valuable way of learning the language. Any exhibition of poor taste in their pages could be excused because, well, they were written by a Belgian.


Ed said...

Luckily books can't be banned just because they are offensive, or can they?

Newmania said...

There is along hisstory of Black people being cartooned with difficulty . If solved it by not representing a face at all ...typical. The pictures would certainly piss me off if |I was black and lthough I would not have irritating things banned I don`t like their presence myself