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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Ingmar who?

Ingmar Bergman was a Swedish film maker who made films of such depressing boredom that he is being hailed as an artistic genius. Bergman, who admitted he couldn't actually watch any of his own films because they depressed him so much, has this in common with me - I, too, have never knowingly watched a Bergman film.

Given that the Swedes are amongst the world's most likely suicides, one wonders if this oeuvre was a career choice or simply sprang from a mind filled with Scandinavian gloom. In my youth, Swedish 'porn' was supposed to be the zenith of this art. I saw some once. The actors looked very bored and rather depressed. It was extremely un-erotic. Maybe it was one of Bergman's early efforts.

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Newmania said...

They are the highest taxed country in th EU and the model often quoted by Polly Filler as the one we should follow . What confuses me is how they can keep afloat at all with that level of control