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Sunday, 1 July 2007

Is the education system failing our suicide bombers?

The evidence heard in court in the trial of the failed July bombers was a catalogue of incompetence and ignorance. The peroxide they used was not an industrial grade but bought from a hairdresser; they mixed their explosive with chapatti flour to try to 'concentrate' it. An understanding of the basics of chemistry and physics was clearly lacking.

Now we understand that the two London car bombs failed to detonate after two attempts because of 'technical failings'. The decision of the Glasgow suicide bomber to set himself alight before driving into the terminal was not a wise one; being on fire drastically impairs one's driving ability. How much deadlier would he have been had he flooded the floorpan of the vehicle with a few inches of propane gas and chucked a match at his feet after he had ramraided the terminal.

Clearly, we are seeing the failure of our secondary education system in operation. One of the legacies of ten years of Labour are schools that can't even turn out suicide bombers with a moderate degree of competence.

1 comment:

Sabretache said...

"...a moderate degree of competence.???

I think '...a high degree of incompetence' fits the bill rather better.

See "Beavis and Butthead in London jihad" over at The Register for some welcome relief from the MSM panic-fest.