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Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Referendum NOW

That Labour have reneged on their manifesto pledge to hold a referendum on the EU constitution should be no surprise to anyone. This is the party of sleaze, corruption, mendacity and crookedness after all.

The Telegraph reported yesterday that Jean-Claude Juncker thinks it's a good idea to stifle public debate in the UK on the transfer of sovereignty to Brussels. Sorry Msr. Juncker, the British people don't agree with you. 86% of us want a referendum.

Brown may only have one working eye, but one assumes both his ears are working. Let him hear us.


Ed said...

Why are pro-Europeans so scared of putting their case forward? Is it that their case is shaky at best? Is it that the British have a very narrow minded and old fashioned idea that they should be in control of their own destiny?

hatfield girl said...

No referendum because no matter what the question such a vote would be treated as an opportunity to reject being in the European Union at all, on any terms. And to vote against Brown, there never having been any opportunity to do so.

Lilith said...

Where is Cameron? Why isn't he battering Brown over the head with this?

CityUnslicker said...

I agree with you all, we need to keep this high on the agenda. The media are doing a disservice by dropping this as a topic from the public view.

Newmania said...

HG is quite right . I wonder though R how many people that rail against the EU is they could push a button would have us out tommorow . You have to admit that there are economic advantages as well as disadvantages and ones natural Consevatism finds it all a bit ,...well ..radical.
I think overall I would but I would feel some trepidation. You can remain in the trade group like Norway. There are worries though, what would our relationship with the US be like and so on

Ed said...

N I think it was Heath's radicalism that took us in which was a step too far not the withdrawalists who are too radical.

We can have free trade and be independent. Like Australia does. Like Korea does. Like Panama does.

Don't fall for the lie that if we left the economy would shrivel up and die.

Newmania said...

You are prbably right Ed