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Thursday, 26 July 2007

Who's up for a Nazi holiday?

I must admit, I thought the ruins of Speer's grandiose Nazi stadium were the last remnants of megalomaniac architecture from the Nazis. Not so, it seems. The Nazi 'Strength through Joy' movement constructed a vast monolithic holiday complex for good Nazis on the Baltic coast at Prora. Seebad Prora was taken over by the Red Army after the war and has languished in decent obscurity since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Not for much longer, it seems. The blocks are structurally sound and were built to last (though perhaps not for a thousand years) and German property developers have moved in to renovate one block for modern German holidaymakers. No doubt the attractions of the renovated rooms (below) will be matched with calisthenics before breakfast and some decent marching about to military band music at teatime.


Newmania said...

I know a couple of people who went to a have a gawp at Auschwitz. I wouldn’t be tempted, it strikes me as obscene and something verging on desecration . I wouldn1`t be so self righteous in real life but I would not go and look

Anyway why go abroad for Nazis when we have to new Nationalist Socialist brown Shirts at home. No wonder the Daily Mail likes him

Ed said...

N, if you are in the area go to Auschwitz. It is mind boggling. Really makes you wonder about the very nature of humanity.