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Monday, 20 August 2007

Blair's War set to end in ignominy

The British retreat from Basra won't be pretty. Commanders are planning for 10 to 15 dead and maybe 100 injured as we pull out our remaining forces first from the city then from the airport, where we are holed up, taking a score of hits a day.

Few could have predicted in 2003 that Blair's War would end in such ignominy. Even die-hard opponents of the war such as me watched the news footage of the time with pride as our armoured columns punched through into southern Iraq and we secured the port and oil facilities, and got power and water running while the septics in the north milled about in confusion.

Harold Wilson refused to assist the US in Vietnam despite enormous pressure and threats, but Wilson was born at the height of the first war and knew well the characteristics of a doomed campaign from the second. Blair was no Wilson. Blair is a vain and foolish man with poor judgment and no grasp of history at all, an opportunist mired in self-deceit.

As the world's news organisations will scramble for shots of the Union flag being hauled down in Basra, of the last helo leaving in a cloud of dust, the UK will need to put a brave face on it and endure the world's taunts. But the bitterness that this will engender in us should rightly be directed at the architect of the misadventure and not at the British Army.


Guthrum said...

Same feelings here, reading Bob Woodward's tome 'State of Denial' it is now clear that there was zero post war planning, and the Disbandment of the Iraqi army was a green light for a nationalist uprising against an Occupier. Short term Media headlines like Mission accomplished was the priority. Blair should be arraigned for High Crimes and Misdemenours. Swiss Tony at the MOD is like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming truck.

hatfield girl said...

And at the chancellor who cut defence funding while embarking on 2 misadventures for which the army was wholly under -equipped, under-consulted, and has been left unsupported and in terrible danger for purely local, Labour party politics.

While the newly imposed prime minister postures with expenditures on aircraft carriers for which there are no available aircraft even on the drawing board (but there is a US project for such planes that will get funding if enough are in their order books so Brown will be doing his bit placing orders for non-existent planes), and for which there are no yards in the UK big enough to build them so they are going to be built in five bits and then towed around the coast and welded together, and then to get them out of the yard they'll have to take down the Forth bridge, (there are already odd reports that the Forth bridge is in a serious and irreversible state of decay) and there are no trained personnel or workforce for any stage of the design or construction, because Britain stopped building ships 50 years ago to all intents and purpose. They even build the Clyde ferries in Gdansk.

But Brown can garner votes and contributions to his disgusting party this way, and then the aircraft carriers will cost more, fall behind schedule, then be scrapped, but he'll have retired by then.

Unless a miracle occurs and some country with independent magistrates catches them all on their hols and arraigns them for what they have done.