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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

The clink of Kopecks into Vladimir's gun bottle

As the gas boiler chuntered into life this morning, an image came uninvited into my mind's eye - the tinkle of a Kopeck falling into a huge whisky bottle. With our dependence on Russian gas, our baths and showers and washing-up provides the Russian treasury with a constant stream of kopecks and rubles, and are certainly helping to fund Russia's $100bn a year re-armament programme.

Ironic, really, that the Russian aircraft now again exploring our airspace for the first time in nearly 20 years are (in part) being fuelled, crewed, maintained and bought by we below.

France, with 78% of her energy generated by nuclear power, is in contrast a poor contributor of Kopecks to Vladimir's gun bottle.


Newmania said...

You think that perhaps Ken sopending a mint for Londoners money on a campaign with the Greenies against nuclear power was a little outide his remit then ?

I think so

Nick Drew said...

Yes, we certainly aren't requiring them to spend any cash to get their hands on our assets, so plenty left over for hardware

On the other hand, my prediction is that France will shortly be asking all of us to start putting our pennies in their nuclear-decommissioning Xmas-box

(can I also take this opportunity to puff my new novel ...?)

Raedwald said...

Of course Nick!

And tx for the links - good thinking there.