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Thursday, 23 August 2007


"And the best way of drawing up policies for the Queen’s Speech will not be discussions in government departments, but listening and learning – and involving and engaging the voices of people too often left unheard."

"To those who feel the political system doesn’t listen and doesn’t care;

To those who feel powerless and have lost faith;

To those who feel Westminster is a distant place and politics simply a spectator sport:

I will strive to earn your trust. To earn your trust not just in foreign policy but earn your trust in our schools, in our hospitals, in our public services, and to respond to your concerns.

And by listening and learning, I want to become a voice for communities far beyond "

- Gordon Brown, Acceptance Speech, May 2007


"We believe the proper way to discuss this is through detailed discussion in the House of Commons and the House of Lords and I believe Parliament will pass the legislation."

- Gordon Brown, Statement made after Merkel meeting on the EU constitution, August 2007

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is this huge conflict in our country, the conflict between the people and the political ruling class. These two statements from Gordon Brown confirm the conflict, and underline the impossibility of of ever resolving the conflict without root and branch reform of politics in this country. Brown knows we want 1. A referendum on the EU constitution, which his party said we could have at the last election. 2. Equivalent English political standing to the Scots, which is obviously the only just solution for the English people. We shall get neither while the political class continue to be unchecked. Blair/Brown/Cameron/Campbell, where is the difference? None of them trust the people, and none of them will listen.