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Saturday, 25 August 2007

What price secure borders?

This is a fully working 9mm pistol. I could buy it today on the web with my credit card for £84.58 plus postage, and it would be delivered by Royal Mail. The chances of it being intercepted as it arrives in the UK are minimal. You will understand why I am not providing a link.

And despite the high security at our airports, our seaports in contrast are wide open, as anyone who has used a cross-channel ferry recently can testify. Each day the coaches from Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia and the rest of eastern Europe arrive with their human cargoes of hopefuls. Any of those bulging cheap holdalls can carry a broken-down pistol that will provide the means for a rental deposit on a flat. Little wonder that the Serious and Organised Crime Agency's 2006 / 2007 report says
UK criminals at all levels are unlikely to have difficulty in acquiring a firearm should they wish to do so. Working firearms, component parts and easily convertible blankfiring weapons can all be ordered via the Internet and received through postal services.
Weapons in many ways are easier to smuggle into Britain than the 45 tonnes of cocaine and 45 tonnes of heroin that is estimated to reach our streets every year.

When Cameron talks about secure borders he is talking about blocking these routes, not about some smart new blue shirts for the lads and lasses on immigration control. That Brown is making no moves to do so really does cause one to wonder at his motivation in continuing to turn his one working eye away from this death trade.

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