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Saturday, 8 September 2007

Brown listens to Britain

Let's face it, there is only one voice Gordon Brown can bear listening to - and that's his own. Some brilliant political spin has so far managed to disguise his overweening control freakery and his determination to impose a sovietised system of central State control over the life of every individual citizen. Only now are the consequences of his disastrous management of the economy coming to the fore; he has wasted his inheritance, squandered the nation's savings on ill-conceived 'service reforms', mortgaged the country to pay for a kafkaesque system of public sector IT that he inanely imagines will enable direct relationships between the State and its citizens and that will exclude all intermediate institutions, robbed the wallets and purses of the nation to establish a system of welfare slavery that has created 5m serfs, dependent on State largesse, out of our proud and self-sufficient island race.

The moves to complete the transition to a one-party State are in play. Gordon's 'big tent' is a gulag in disguise. Those Tories gullible and naive enough to accept his invitation are not only betraying their party, they are betraying the nation.

There are some things more important than political power, more important than feathering your own nest. They include the freedoms that generations of us have fought and died for in these islands. 16m voters have deserted the polls. The Labour party has under 200,000 members out of an electorate of 40 millions. A forthcoming stitch-up (that the Tories are expected to subscribe to) will allow Brown to dip his arms deep in the nation's coffers in a theft as blatant as that of any African dictator to buy the cadres of apparatchiks to establish his one party State. Cameron and that senile softdick Campbell may well go along with it, naively imagining they will also do well out of it.

The reality is, once Brown has his hand legally in the till he will do everything he can to erode and undermine the Tories and the libdems until both are as insignificant as the few members of a tokenistic Agrarian Party permitted to attend a Soviet assembly as proof of 'democracy'.
I cannot strongly enough rail against the forthcoming party funding stitch-up.

If Cameron puts his finger to the proposed party-funding agreement then he and the Tory party will become as much of my enemy as Brown and his socialists are. He will be selling our nation's democracy for a few pieces of silver.

1 comment:

Ed said...

I agree and the state funding of parties is total anathema to most Conservatives.

Cameron would get huge kudos by torpedoing the party finance deal. Just as his stock was raised by saying that ID cards would be scrapped on the return of a Tory government.