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Monday, 3 September 2007

Gilligan demolishes Boris smears

I commend Andrew Gilligan's demolition of an attempted smear-job on Boris Johnson by the hard-left Compass faction. It was a risibly contrived attempt - reminding me of the efforts of unscrupulous theatre directors, who take critical quotes such as "Unmissable!" from a critic's review that said "This show is about as unmissable as a hole in the head."

That the hard left are worried by Boris' candidacy is good news; already the GLC's GLA's poison tentacles are reaching out to steal legitimate local control from London's councils, and to impose the lunatic agenda of the new Red Left on London by stealth. Like a clever psychopath seeking release from the mental ward, the loony left have grown up since the 1980s. A judicious mix of bread and circuses for the masses tempers rising GLA precepts and an insidious growth of GLA and TfL funded bodies being established with pan-London responsibilities as Ken's shock-troops. I shall blog more on this as the race heats up.

I'd also recommend


Young Londoner said...

Just like the replies to the Compass allegations, Boris Johnson has made so many U turns and contradictions in his statement today launching his campaign for Mayor of London that it is no wonder he has such a clearly well merited record for ‘buffoonery’ - managerial and policy incompetence.
Boris Johnson now states that he will not get rid of the congestion charge, while previously he totally opposed it, writing: “In these dark days of the New Labour tyranny, when the maniac Ken Livingstone is charging you an extra £1,200 for the privilege of using the Queen’s highway”. (Life in the Fast Lane p185)

He now claims ‘I will be the greenest Mayor, far greener than Ken.’ (Evening Standard 3 September). A claim that is ridiculous given than he opposes even the Kyoto treaty on climate change: ‘But of all the tough-guy acts that Bush has performed in his first few months, of all the pieces of exuberant Reaganism, nothing has so intoxicated the world with hate as his decision to scrumple up the Kyoto protocol and use if for putting practice in the White House…
‘Because we still need a rich, confident America; not just to provide the cash for the global military leadership that the United States has to give from the Gulf to Kosovo, but also to keep the world economy moving…. If America were to meet its Kyoto targets now, it would require a cut of 30 per cent in emissions, and how, exactly, is that supposed to work in the current economic downturn…. It would exacerbate the recession, and when Bush says no, he is doing what is right not just for America but for the world.’ (Lend Me Your Ears p318)
He now declares that he strongly supports Crossrail, London’s most vital transport project, but he failed to participate in the vote on it in Parliament.
He strongly supported the Iraq war before deciding later to change his position – after tens of thousands of people were dead.
He supported the election of George W Bush in 2000 and his re-election in 2004 – now he thinks it was a mistake
London has no need of a Mayor who takes wrong decisions and then has to change them, but one who takes the right decisions at the time they need to be made – as Ken when he supported Kyoto, opposed the Iraq War, supported congestion charging.
Boris Johnson is not simply extremely right wing. He is also incompetent.

Raedwald said...

Perhaps Boris wants to build a nuclear power station on the site of Ken's glass testicle? That would certainly cut London's CO2 and be greener by far than any of the nonsensical and ineffective measures Ken has come up with.