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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

I was right. The EU is a religious cult.

If I ask a whole load of you a question, and you come up with an answer I don't want to hear, do I take counsel and reconsider my position? Not if I'm the EU I don't.

The EU will take a sample of you, and lock you in a room with EU 'experts' until they think you've changed your mind. Then ask you the question again. If you still get the answer wrong, they'll lock you up some more until the Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and you agree with your torturers. Then they'll publish the 'new and accurate' poll results.

You think I'm kidding? Do you imagine this kind of totalitarian distortion doesn't exist in the 21st century? Think again.

See HERE. It's called 'Deliberative Polling'. It's the EU's new and preferred way of presenting public opinion.

1 comment:

Nick Drew said...

I know what you mean, but if you read some of the actual results they paint a mixed, not to say confusing picture, eg

GREAT BRITAIN – June 1996 – The future of the Monarchy
The deliberation focused on the future of Britain’s Monarchy. Participants who agreed on “The Monarchy makes me proud to be British” went from 48 percent to
59 percent, while those agreeing that “"The Monarchy should remain as it is"” declined from 51 to 39 percent.