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Sunday, 2 September 2007

Ken's mate Chavez in threats to Falklands

Red Ken hasn't really changed his spots since the GLC days when he was best buddies with the terrorists who were bent on destroying London's way of life. His new mate, Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela and as mad as a bucket of eels, has sworn revenge on Britain for the Falklands. He boasted of new Russian and Iranian weapons that could 'destroy' the British navy in the South Atlantic, and has offered a military alliance with Argentina.

Livingstone is as treacherous and anti-British as he always was. His association with Chavez brings shame and disgrace on our city, and to the Londoners who gave their lives to regain freedom for the people of the Falklands from corrupt banana dictators. Time to turf this sick dog out, I think.


Ed said...

Luckily, the Argies aren't Britain-haters and a very sensible democratic country so I doubt they will be so easily led as Ken.

Newmania said...

Help Boris then...dilettante Raedwald :)

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