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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Commons researchers resent seat warming duties

Researchers and other staff in the Commons are said to resent being told to warm the lavatory seats for MPs, give up the choicest cuts of meat and the best puddings to elected members, leave a lift if an MP wants to use it, and to stand rigidly with their backs against the corridor walls should an MP happen to be walking past. New instructions from the Sergeant at Arms make it clear that MPs are most superior creatures who must be pandered to at every opportunity.

Ah yes. MPs such as 'shit in my mouth' Mark Oaten. And the rest of the mendacious , oleaginous snout-in-the-shit gutter rats that infest the Commons chamber like a virulent plague bacillus. Shame on you all.


Guthrum said...

Mark that down as 'I don't approve' then

Newmania said...

Ouch ....!!! I wasn`t ready for that. Crickey are not your sunny self today