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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

London's little gift to Olympic visitors

A recent study by University College London has tracked a growing epidemic of bed bug infestations in London's East End to a clear transmission route - public transport in a corridor between Aldgate East and Stratford.

When asked by John Humphries on R4's 'Today' whether he would sit down on public transport in the area, the academic in charge of the study replied "I wouldn't even use public transport in this area."

Ignorance and poor hygiene standards, overcrowding and frequent travel from their home nations where these beasties are endemic have created a real public health problem amongst the immigrant population, with a large Pakistani and Bangladeshi component, in this part of East London. Labour have simply surrendered in the war that Beveridge declared on 'Want, Disease, Ignorance, Squalor and Idleness'.

Today comes news that the Olympic site in the Lee Valley will be completely car-free except for the competing teams and the media, with the audiences for the events being forced to use public transport.

I foresee a range of T shirts going on sale, bearing the image of a gorged London bed bug, and the legend 'My dad took me to the Olympics, and all I got was this lousy infested T Shirt ...'

1 comment:

Newmania said...

Yeuch...I have been watching the growing scandal over the original bid and the blank cheque signed for the games by Ken , in Private Eye.

This has "Disaster2" written all over it .