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Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Lying is the new black

The comments of a few non-political acquaintances yesterday evening on the news that a top cop has been caught speeding are revealing. Meredydd Hughes, Chief Constable of Yorkshire and a committed proponent of speed cameras, was caught doing 90 in a 60 zone, and already has six points on his licence. Speculating on whether the case would be prosecuted, and whether Hughes would lose his licence if convicted, it is clear that deep cynicism reigns.

"It will have been a 'training drive'. Just 'honing his skills'. He won't get done."

I find it deeply disturbing that the ordinary public's expectations of the behaviour of those in positions of authority are that lying, distortion, avarice, misrepresentation and omission are wholly unexceptional and are indeed the norm.

From Sir Ian Blair's oafish, porcine cupidity to the snortling indifference of Tony Wright MP to suggestions that there was anything wrong in selling honours, to give just two examples from the past week, the public has reason enough for this view.


Ed said...

Yup - standards and expectations had slipped. Once expectations have gone it's hard to get the standards back. People assume that politicians are lying most of the time so they just switch off. Problem is, of course, is that even though the electorate switches off the politicians are still there interfering in their lives.

It will all end badly one way or another.

old and angry said...

The only honourable thing for this man to do is resign.

Oh dear,....did i say honour,

Oh well, forget it!!

Acid Pen said...


The Met were quite happy to pass up on killing someone so I suppose speeding is very small beer indeed