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Tuesday, 9 October 2007

MPs conclude that new EU Constitution same as old EU Constitution

In a well considered report published today HERE the Commons European Scrutiny Committee has damned the new Constitution and has damned Brown's government for pretending to be fooled by it. In the most elegant of Parliamentary language, the Committee concludes:
We welcome the emphasis placed by the European Council on providing EU citizens with “full and comprehensive information” and involving them in “permanent dialogue” which is said to be “particularly important” during the IGC. However, the evidence until now has not been consistent with these ideals, with an essentially secret drafting process conducted by the Presidency, with texts produced at the last moment before pressing for agreement.

As far as the substance of the Reform Treaty and its comparison with the Constitutional Treaty are concerned, we accept that references to the “constitutional concept” or “constitutional characteristics” in trying to distance the present proposals from the creation of a Constitution are less than helpful. What matters is whether the new Treaty produces an effect which is substantially equivalent to the Constitutional Treaty. We consider that ... it does, and refer readers to the table in the Annex to this report.

The table shows that the only substantive differences between the Constitution and the 'Treaty' are the dropping of an EU flag, motto and anthem.

So now it's official; Parliament has been formally told by its own members that this document is the old Constitution in a new frock.

That Gordon Brown is incapable of honesty, far less of courage, strength or principle, comes as no great surprise. The redistributive Socialist iron in his soul has deflected his moral compass far away from a true pointing. He will continue to foist this EU lie on the British people and call it truth.


Anonymous said...

Well I never! Who would have thought it? I'm gobsmacked! If a parliamentry committee says so it must be true! What should we do without the wise guidence of our elected representatives as they call themselves, speaking ex officio. You could knock me down with a feather. Well shiver me timbers. Those who gave our country to the EU understand fully what they have done. Trouble is, do they care?

Anonymous said...

Give'm a message. Vote YES to Free Europe Constitution at!

old and angry said...

I demand a vote on this transfer of sovereignty,NOW!!!