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Friday, 23 November 2007

Brown has ALWAYS shown contempt for our armed forces

I wish I had some record of the private sneer that must have crossed Brown's face during events marking the 25th anniversary of the Falklands. On remembrance Sunday, the only sour and offensive note of the day was Brown laying his wreath, his face oiled with insincerity, resentful that the nation's war dead were the centre of our attention. His contempt for and indifference to the welfare of our armed services is offensive beyond measure.

The reason is clear; Brown wants to destroy all intermediate institutions in British society. The family, community institutions, the services - all have claims to authority that compete with Brown's Central State and its drive to form a direct relationship with every single citizen. They are obstacles that he must destroy.

The lads in the army, of course, are not dumb. They managed to get him to autograph an AFV 'Cyclops' on his pre-bottling publicity stunt trip to Iraq. And with glorious unconcern for Brown's 'Britishness' agenda they cheerfully refer to the Scots as 'porridge wogs', whilst their loyalty and readiness to defend to the death any fellow soldier of whatever British nationality puts Brown's insincere and fatuous nationalism to deep shame.

For five of Britain's most senior war lords - Lords Boyce, Brammel, Inge, Guthrie and Craig - to condemn Brown in such ringing terms for his contempt for the armed forces is completely new territory for British democracy. Brown has broken the conventions, shattered the compact, and must expect these white-haired old warriors to do the same. Fair dos.


Anonymous said...

>they cheerfully refer to the Scots as 'porridge wogs'<

And do the very many Scottish soldiers also refer to themselves as porridge wogs?

Anonymous said...

"Brown wants to destroy all intermediate institutions in British society. The family, community institutions, the services..."

I agree up to a point. Brown's other strategy is to co-opt other institutions to the New Labour cause. I'm thinking here of the Church of England in particular, but even other organisations as unlikely as the CBI have been drawn into the project.

Anonymous said...

Lets kick Brown out as an illegal immigrant and have this once great nation run by EDUCATED ENGLISH people again.