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Friday, 30 November 2007

No, we won't stand for it

On 23rd October AC John Yates QPM appeared before the Commons Public Administration Select Committee. The public was treated to the sight of snortling Bunteresque MPs reacting with incredulity to the suggestion that there was anything really wrong with selling peerages for political donations; they made it clear that MPs have a very different standard of propriety than that which applies to the rest of us. Yates replied
Mr Flynn, when I joined this organisation I took an oath as an officer of the Crown and there are four guiding principles behind that oath. It is fairness, it is integrity, it is diligence and it is impartiality, and that is the touchstone that I used throughout this investigation, those four key issues.
It was a lesson the public hasn't forgotten. Mr Flynn was crowing too soon, it now emerges. No one is above the law. Scotland Yard will once again trawl through the sleazy mess of Labour's funding - but this time the public expects to see charges brought and figures in the dock. Perhaps even Brown himself.

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