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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Turkeys vote for Christmas

At 9 a.m. this morning the Metropolitan Police Authority will convene an extraordinary meeting to discuss the outcome of the Health and Safety case over the execution of Mr de Menezes. The Press Association have flagged that they expect dissenting members to push for a vote of no confidence in Sir Ian Blair.

How convenient for Sir Ian. My own guess is that if Len Duvall allows such a vote, it will be in the expectation of Sir Ian's supporters winning it; if all 23 members of the MPA attend, my guess is that it would be something like 14-9 in favour.

As Blair is scheduled to appear himself before the Authority a little later, it would be extraordinary indeed if there was any serious expectation of his not receiving a vote of confidence from the MPA.

Perhaps of more interest to Londoners are the other items the MPA will consider this morning; £6m of fraud by Met plods on American Express cards, approval of new Tasers for the lads to wake-up diabetic coma victims with (or kill Polish migrant workers), and a report on the cash for honours whitewash investigation.

A report on Taser roll-out can be found HERE. Eagle eyed-readers may notice that a new acronym has found its way into the lexicon of Political Correctness. As this blog pointed out some months ago, BAME is the new 'in' term for ethnic minorities, and anyone caught using the old PC term BME will be marked as an antediluvian racist. Now we learn that VEM (Visible Ethnic Minorities) is the new, er, black.

Londoners will be assured that they can now be Tasered by any one of 733.86 plods, no doubt soon to be joined by the rest of the 'service' and gung-ho PCSOs. I'd stay in and get pissed, if I were you.

Update 14.00

No-confidence vote result announced: 15 - 7, with 1 abstention. Told ya.

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