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Tuesday, 18 December 2007

The filth of corruption at the heart of Livingstone's London

The 'Standard' has been doing a sterling job over the past week or so in exposing the filth of corruption at the heart of Livingstone's London. The millions in 'lost' public money, the siphoning of public funds by Lee Jasper to Livingstone cronies, and the attempted obstruction and cover-up of a public audit of this squalid malfeasance has been overshadowed by the woes of the New Labour Reich, but this story will run and run.

This blog has further evidence of this dirty trade that will be passed directly to the Standard.

1 comment:

Savonarola said...

Welcome back.

Livingstone is evil and dangerous. His corrupt network runs wide and deep. Maybe Andrew Gilligan's exposure of his systematic corruption will be the catalyst for his impeachment.

But it will need BBC, mainstream media and Labour Party to recognise the extent of his corruption and their own obligation to report this. Lets see what happens.