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Sunday, 27 January 2008

Brown's ban of Britannia only the start

The Daily Mail today leads with the story that Brown has banned Britannia from the British coinage for the first time in 300 years. The Mail finds it hard to reconcile this with Brown's protestations of 'Britishness'. I don't.

Brown is still in his dark heart a redistributive socialist who loathes the British love of the monarchy and our symbolic history, expressed through restrained but ubiquitous public heraldry. He seeks to displace our traditional loyalties and identities with a nation schooled since childhood to see the central State as provider, judge and regulator of our individual welfare.

Therefore expect Brown to remove the Royal cipher from our post boxes, the Royal arms from our courts, the crowns from the helmets of our police, the heraldic symbols from our coins. Once he has done this, he will want to replace the Queen's head on our currency with something vile and socialistic.

Brown's idea of Britishness is to have the nation dressed in their 'young pioneers' scarves and carrying socialist banners marching past his politburo on May Day.

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