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Sunday, 13 January 2008

A shameful betrayal of trust

The report in the Telegraph today that Cpl Mark Wright bled to death from a survivable wound because of MOD incompetence and equipment shortages and failures should be a matter for the resignation of the Armed Forces Minister. For week after week, year after year, the MOD's shortcomings and failures have been highlighted in the press and in Parliament, yet not only does the MOD do nothing to rectify its most grevious failings, it continues to deny that there is any problem.

Let's be frank. Who do people believe - a criminal cabal of sleazy, crooked, mendacious and corrupt fools and knaves that clings to office like a leech to flesh, or to the nation's serving and retired Chiefs of Staff, men who have served their country honourably and faithfully?

And as for this Commons exchange on 10th January (Hat Tip Major Catastrophe) :
Mr. John Baron (Billericay) (Con): .... We must also ensure that we supply our troops with the right equipment. Troops returning from theatre tell of life-threatening shortages of kit, including body armour, satellite phones, oil to prevent guns jamming and electronic equipment to detect roadside bombs—

The Minister for the Armed Forces (Mr. Bob Ainsworth): Absolute bollocks.
I would suggest that Ainsworth crawls back under whichever slimy rock he slithered from under; his utter indifference to the lonely death of Cpl Wright in an Afghan minefield means that this scumbag gutter lout deserves no place as one of the Sovereign's Ministers, let alone as a Member of Parliament.


thud said...

Other than twat..words realy do fail me in regards to ainsworth.

hatfield girl said...

'I would suggest that Ainsworth crawls back under whichever slimy rock he slithered from under;'

Ainsworth slithered from under the rock of the militant entryist movement that was supposedly broken in the Labour movement - unions, CLPs and affiliated organisations, and youth movement, during Kinnock's years as Leader of the Labour party. Nothing of the kind happened of course, and many that were members of the International Marxist Group and its descendent splinter groups are now high up in the Labour regime's power elites, particularly those associated with Socialist Action, whose modus operandi is to target a particular political figure and support that figure into power and maintain him there.
Ainsworh looks like one of these ultra-loyalist grouplet members, whose most successful examples are John Ross and Redmond O'Neill, Ken Livingstone's incredibly highly-paid loyalists in the London Mayor's office.
Beneath each of these loyalists grouplets is a network of organised connection into universities, Labour party sections, and various socio-cultural movements and pressure groups such as anti -abortion, anti Iraq-war, multicultural foundations, the teaching unions, and the public service unions.
And if this sounds conspiratorial - it is and they are.

old dog of war said...

Ainsworth like many in his party, including Brown, have an inherent dislike or hatred of the military. I answer to this attitude lies in Hatfield Girl's description of their political hinterland. Possibly subconciously they regard soldiiers as warmongers(as opposed to servants of HM) and thus have no empathy with their lives and deaths in the field.
Such politicians however competent and whatever their utterings should not be given positions in MOD or Govt where they make decisions on armed services.
Ainsworth and his type will never smell cordite or have to put their lives on the line. How I would love him to have to serve a couple of months in Afghanistan. He would never again utter the drivel of his response in the House.