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Saturday, 2 February 2008

Livingstone tired and emotional at Davos

Livingstone's love of the bottle must be of some concern to the Islamic Jihadists to whom he has allied himself in the hope of retaining the east London vote. The Telegraph reports today
Mr Livingstone created a stir among senior Labour figures when he appeared at an event at the recent World Economic Summit in Davos apparently under the influence of alcohol. Tony Blair, David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, and Douglas Alexander, the International Development Secretary, were among those in the room.
The particular problem with whisky drunks, as we old sea dogs well know, is that not only are they aggressive but too much of the elixir permanently distorts their contact with reality.


Anonymous said...

How about we have a collection, to ensure that he has such a plentiful supply he never has to go a single minute between 10 am and midnight without a full glass in his hand. We could probably get some relabelled in the approved Mayor of LondON typography, especially to pander to his ego. And if we were all generous enough we could pay for a footman to pour it for him, just in case he shows signs of forgetting to take the medicine and threatens to sober up. Now a footman could also fuel his sense of self worth.

Ed said...

too much of the elixir permanently distorts their contact with reality

Sounds like Ken of the People has been at the whisky for quite a few decades then!