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Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Comrade Margaret Hoxha denounces reactionary music

In a four-hour speech to the League of Socialist Youth yesterday, Comrade Margaret Hoxha denounced the enjoyment of reactionary and anti-socialist music by unreconstructed kulaks and their running-dog lackeys. Comrade Hoxha exorted the citizens of the Socialist Republic of Kensington and Chelsea to purge the bourgeois imperialist fifth column and restore Comrade Henry Wood's 'People's Concerts' to the purity of socialist cultural orthodoxy.

The Young Pioneers of the Islington Anti-gastropub Collective then gave an impromptu concert of polyphonic ring tones in praise of the Great Leader. A collection for Party Funds was taken.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely excellent!

Ben said...

Another fool who should have been born in North Korea. If you like the commies so much, why don't you got there?