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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Forget St George, try St Edmund!

Let's face it, there's nothing very English about St George. He was a Lebanese economic migrant who took advantage of a Europe-wide shortage of dragon-killers at the time.

No, St Edmund remains my true English patron saint. For a start he was a Wuffinga, son of King Aethelweard, and an Anglian to his bones - which at least he had, unlike that foul rogue of a Dane, Ivar the Boneless, who killed him. Despite having no bones.

It was Edmund's banner, not George's, that was carried at Agincourt, despite the later propaganda by the Bard.

No, let's oust the middle eastern immigrant from our national Pantheon and reinstate England's true patron saint - I give you St Edmund!


Guthrum said...

Red cross on white background with crown and crossed arrows !

I'll drink to that.

Englisc Fyrd said...

I don't think we should abolish St George, but the merger of St George - patron saint of England, and St Edmund - patron saint of the English should be merged, as per the flag on Guthrums blog.
Too many people have an attachment to St George, so lets go one better and merge the flags as the flag of the English movement!

Englisc Fyrd

Guthrum said...

Sounds like a plan

Anonymous said...

Yes, St Edmund may have died looking like a porcupine but did he slay a dragon? Probably not, as St George had already done them all in. He may have bravely repulsed the two Danish chiefs Hinguar and Hubba in 870 but you can't really compare that to slaying a bloody big dragon now can you? Anyway, Edmund sounds a bit of a poofy name.

Captain Æthelbald

Thud said...

I like the sound of St.Edmund for england but as ST.George seems to piss the right people off then he will do for now.