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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Plod kills another innocent

As yet another innocent person's corpse lies in a mortuary fridge tonight as the result of a high speed police chase, the time has come to call a halt to this carnage. Every week another person is killed or seriously maimed by 'red mist' gormless idiots at the wheels of police vehicles.

Let's be clear about this. Chasing a car without a tax disk at high speed, or a moped rider not wearing a helmet, isn't worth the risk to public safety. It gives the idiot plod at the wheel a satisfying and addictive adrenaline rush, but that's about all.

Heather Mills, loathe her or hate her, lost her leg to a speeding police vehicle. No-one deserves that. Just google deaths in police chases site:uk and pages of innocent lives cut short by this moronic power-trip come up.

Being a plod isn't a licence to have fun at the cost of pain, death and the ruin of innocent lives. Here in London too many of these idiots on 'blues and twos' rushing to the Mcdonalds drive-in or just because they're bored in a traffic queue deserve dismissal. It's time to say STOP to this criminal and anti-social behaviour.

The suggestion has been made elsewhere that permission to use lights and siren or to drive at speed in pursuit or response should be given by the control room, and not left to the vehicle's driver to decide. I wholly agree with this. Any accident caused by a vehicle using blues and twos without consent would then automatically result in the driver's prosecution. A simple measure that could be implemented immediately.


Anonymous said...

>Being a plod isn't a licence to have fun at the cost of pain, death and the ruin of innocent lives.<

I think most of the British constabulary would disagree with you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Raewald,
I want more accountability and decision-making on the individual plod on the beat, not less. I want them to have authority. I don't want them phoning a Call Centre in India to determine what they can already see on the ground. To decide whether to stop a knifing or a child drowning or to put the flashing lights on their vehicle.
The price of freedom is accountability. Centralising the colony is not the solution. Getting the traffic cameras to keep the pathway clear and not bored operators to snap people for parking violations is the way forward.

Raedwald said...

Kinderling -

Of course where there is an immediate threat to life plod should act immediately on his own discretion. But the vast majority of the 300 or so deaths and serious injuries a year caused by speeding police vehicles don't fall into this category; they're the result of high-speed chases or responses to minor breaches of the law that don't pose any immediate threat to life.

Either plod learns the difference or other measures must be taken.