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Friday, 13 June 2008

Just let the boy get on with it

There are few things that eight year olds take strongly against; spinach is probably high on the list, followed by haircuts. The Act of Settlement generally figures nowhere in their list of things to be avoided. So when you see a story about a putative cub scout objecting to taking a child's promise to serve the Queen, you just know there's a gobby parent behind it.

The boy himself is quoted as saying "I really enjoy the Cubs and don't want to feel left out or different to everybody else", thereby probably breaking from the script in which his mother had rehearsed him. Just leave the boy to get on with it; he's got a lifetime ahead of him to make up his own mind on such things.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll be potentially unpleasant and say that if this family wants to live in a Catholic-dominated republic, Europe is chock-full of the fuckers.

Let them go live in Ireland, France, Portugal or Italy. Since it's probably not so much the monarchy that offends them as the existence of a non-Catholic monarchy, they could even decamp for Spain or Luxembourg and never ever have to deal with the pain of seeing a non-Catholic face on stamps, coins and banknotes.