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Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It serves vulgar Vuitton right

Here in south London the Nigerian village girls drag their yams back from the street market in Vuitton and Herm├ęs shoppers; not real ones, you understand, but clones made in some Chinese sweatshop and sold for a few quid. Fake Burberry has become part of the official uniform of the white underclass. These consumers are just responding to the appeals to conspicuous consumption made by the 'designer' companies. Glossy full page lifestyle ads in Cosmo aren't just read by the ABC1s; they're devoured by the staff and customers in every backstreet hair and nail parlour.

The trick to real class is never to advertise, and never to display a label or a logo or a trademark pattern. All else is vulgar. LVMH's judgment against eBay for selling clones of its downmarket tat will be about as effective as Cnut's attempt to reverse the tide. The failure of our Sumptuary Laws here in England should be a lesson to all who seek to control or limit the puissant urge of the poor and powerless to dress and accouter themselves in the manner of the wealthy and powerful.


Blue Eyes said...

It's human nature for people to want to buy nice things. Although many despise Burberry culture, trackies, hoodies, etc. the actual quality and convenience of those types of clothes is second to none. It's no wonder people like wearing them.

William Gruff said...

Cnut was actually proving to fawning courtiers that he could not turn back the waves.

Rob farrington said...

There might be something I'm missing here, but how do the people who run ebay know which of the millions of items that are sold each year are counterfeit?

Are they advertised as 'not real and the handbags will fall apart after a few weeks but hey people, at least they're cheap'?

I buy silver bullion and there's always the odd 'silver' 10 ounce bar being flogged from China for a 1p starting price. Everyone who does their research knows that they're fake.

If I ever get fleeced on ebay then I'll blame myself, not ebay. If I ever run my own fashion business (unlikely), I'll recognise the sheer difficulty of keeping counterfeit items off ebay and concentrate on the people on the market stalls instead.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rob here.
I see an advert in a newspaper and if the goods advertised are tat, I don't sue the newspaper.

You want to start a family - the business pays - they didn't decide like you did the time, (they were just a new order in(, you were just getting a leg over.

Business and enterprise suffer under Social Communism.

Socialists pay themselves out of fines. Why do you think if you defend your property the police go and arrest you? You can afford to pay, schmuck. Targets to meet, salaries to keep.