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Friday, 22 August 2008

Time to 'comb out' the free riders

As this blog reported in October of last year, immigration is a mixed bag. Some are givers, good for the country and the economy, and some are takers, a tax burden and consumers of housing and services at our expense. Now the Speccie has become alive to the fact:
If the government is serious about optimising the planning of public services, it needs to disaggregate the immigrant population and find out which groups are profit centres and which are cost centres. No doubt it has been doing so quietly in the background, but it looks as if talking frankly about the results of this exercise in public would blow their political cover to smithereens. The best research so far available (prepared by the IPPR late last year for Channel 4’s Dispatches) makes for uneasy reading. Only 1 per cent of Polish immigrants claim income support, as opposed to 21 per cent of Turkish immigrants and 11 per cent of Pakistanis; only 8 per cent of Poles live in social housing, compared with 80 per cent of Somalis, and 41 per cent of Bangladeshis.
The reason that 2m immigrants over the past decade haven't raised per capita GDP one iota is that half of them are free riders, consuming the wealth that the other half are creating. Now that we're on the brink of recession, the free riders will consume more than the wealth-makers are generating.

'Combing out' a million unproductive immigrants and packing them off home may sound like a huge task, but it need not be. First we must abolish the automatic right of Commonwealth citizens to vote. Signing onto the electoral register opens up a whole world of bank accounts, social housing and benefits as well as access to utility accounts . Our electoral register is deeply corrupted with false entries and the unentitled. When one council started to undertake a house-by-house audit after a postal vote fraud scandal, their electoral role rapidly fell by 20% as the frauds withdrew. This would be replicated in all of our large towns and cities.

Secondly, social housing should be reserved solely for British citizens and housing benefit and council tax benefit claims should require proof of citizenship.

Thirdly, the many deeply corrupt Foreign Office junior grade civil servants who work in High Commissions abroad issuing visas must be adequately monitored and supervised. It is common knowledge that these staff now expect to be bribed in return for permission to enter the UK and view their foreign posting as a chance to acquire the wealth that their talents could never earn.

Fourthly the NHS should ration health services to non-EU and non-British citizens to emergency service only unless they are working and paying into the NI fund.

As the money and benefits dry up, many of the free-riders will pick up sticks and make their own way home. Free flights and a few quid pocket-money given out on the plane will tempt others.

Harsh? Maybe. But remember that 1m free-riders consuming £10k of benefits / services a year each is a tax bill of £10bn a year for the rest of us. That's four times the cost of the 10p tax rate rebate.


Nick Drew said...

your point about curtailing voting rights is well taken. In many a marginal constituency the swing voters - who are of course pandered to by all sides - have only one interest: help us with our chain migration

one sees many an ambitious Tory candidate, who at selection-time professes a hard line on immigration, trimming on the issue as soon as they land the candidacy and realise where the votes are to be had

Anonymous said...

You are racist and should die.

blah blah blah.

I thought I'd get in first before the Lefties get a hold of this :)


Newmania said...

Was that in the Poles are the fall guys article ?I obviously missed the recommendations which are a bit radical.

I `m not sure i agree with having grades of British citizen . I think they should either be British or not and the difficulty of getting in and the requirements when you are here should be much higher.
ND is right on chain immigration