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Monday, 4 August 2008

Why Prescott should stay in the Stewards' Pantry

In a reprise to his last piece on Labourhome, Prescott writes:

But it wasn’t the Captain that sank the Titanic – a ship they claimed was unsinkable - it was the iceberg. The best way to avoid disaster is to manage your way around the problem.

And speaking as someone who’s served on a ship and in a leadership, the best person to steer us through is a Captain with the experience to navigate through these stormy financial global seas.

For me, it’s all about setting the right course. That’s why I’ve always favoured policy over personality and why I believe Gordon’s the right captain.

Thus demonstrating why he was serving Gin in the passenger lounge and not piloting the vessel on the bridge. The Captain is responsible at all times for maintaining an adequate lookout and for ensuring that his vessel proceeds at a safe speed and on a safe course given the prevailing circumstances and conditions. It's no good blaming it on the iceberg. It's not just about setting the right course, but knowing when to 'stand on' and when to 'give way'. And a Captain who concentrates on steering the ship without noticing the hull is holed and the bilges are filling with water isn't worth his ticket.

If McLoon is a Captain, then he's Captain Queeg.

Apologies for two boaty posts in a week.


Blue Eyes said...

Couldn't Prescott be dropped into the ocean to act as a marker for ships so that they can avoid icebergs altogether?

Wrinkled Weasel said...

I like "boaty" posts. Just finished reading "The Riddle of the Sands" - a great read if you are a boaty type.