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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Ian Blair down; what will be his bonus this year?

I have blogged frequently about Ian Blair. Though he'd only been in post for three years, he had won himself a degree of unpopularity that would have taken other men decades to achieve. Back in August last year I wrote
The IPCC's report on the Met leadership's actions during the killing of Mr. de Menezes makes grim reading. Sir Ian sat happily in his office, poring over 'excel' charts of diversity training targets, the number of parking tickets translated into Vietnamese, approving new equalities mission statements and doodling new management structures or such like activities. Word had got out that his men had wrongly shot a Brazilian tourist; within hours every copper in London, on or off duty, knew the score. Every copper except Sir Ian. Insulated in his fluffy cloud of NuLabour public management performance targets, he was blissfully unaware that anything was amiss.

Yesterday he gave the most crassly risible press conference at which he beamed with pride at having been the most ignorant copper in London at that time, no doubt taking great satisfaction as he did so that his statement was printed on recycled paper.
And in November 2007
Londoners in particular are heartily sick of their Commissioner. Executing one of our overseas visitors didn't improve his standing.

But Sir Ian is New Labour to his bones and will cling to office as grimly as Blunkett, Byers, Mandelson, Prescott or any of the roll call of Labour sleazeballs over the past few years.

His tenacious and obstinate stance will undoubtedly lead to voices calling more loudly for the Met Commissioner to report to London's Mayor and not to the Home Secretary; if Boris were in post with such authority, Sir Ian would be marched smartly up to the Mayor's desk, stood at attention with his cap under his arm, and be summarily dismissed for gross misconduct. About turn. Bugger off.
Back at the end of June I was a little more sympathetic
You'd have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy a quiet chuckle at Ian Blair's latest predicament. This most PC of PCs, more Harman's copper than copper's copper, the man on whose heart the message of the Macpherson Commission's 'institutional racism' was engraved, is in hot water over allegations of 'racism'. It's nothing of the kind, of course; it's opportunistic shit-stirring by three mediocre black police officers who by the accounts of their colleagues have already been over-promoted and who simply aren't up to the job.
Of course if the De Menezes family now start a civil action against Blair he'll have to pay for his own defence, rather than charging it to London taxpayers - and bloody good job too. He took a £25,000 bonus last year. I hope he saved some of it. Perhaps he negotiating this years? Who knows.

Paul Stephenson stepping into the breach may be a blessing. A copper every bit as quiet and self effacing as John Stevens, who held the post for five years before Blair without being known by most of London, let alone attracting its opprobrium.

Good riddance.


Jonny Mac said...

Every police officer I know really, really rated John Stevens. And the opposite for Ian Blair; a man in hock to new Labour values who nevertheless let himself be wrongfooted and portrayed as a racist by his juniors. And a massive, massive egoist. He won't be missed.

Anonymous said...

I was briefly terrified that one of the race hustlers would take his place. Thank god they didn't. I can delete that hurried message from my landlord's answering machine giving my notice for leaving London.