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Sunday, 19 October 2008

A walk with Old Holborn

Henry Porter in today's Observer neatly catalogues the mistrust, disbelief and visceral opposition of the British people to Labour's assaults on our personal freedom:
... the audience of BBC's Question Time: when Geoff Hoon, the new Secretary of State for Transport said he would go a long way to undermine civil liberties to stop people being killed by terrorists, the mockery of the audience, to say nothing of the guilt and irritation on Hoon's face, was palpable.

Two years ago I wondered in these pages when the penny would drop with the British public and the media about the attack on civil liberties. It is plainly beginning to. The public is worried about the shoddy laws the government tries to rush past them with its phony calls for consensus and reasonableness.

A small incident in Liverpool last week seemed to indicate something was happening. When police tried to break up a demonstration in support of the Freedom Not Fear organisation, it was passers-by who shouted, 'free speech' and 'you're a disgrace' as the police made arrests.

Which is why I shall be taking a stroll down Whitehall at lunchtime on November 5th wearing an eBay mask and wig, not forgetting to remove my hat in respect as I pass the Cenotaph. My father and grandfather each fought in a World War to earn the freedom I enjoy; their dead comrades lost their lives for it. It's worth fighting for.

Old Holborn (whose idea this is) and a few others might be there too .....


Blue Eyes said...

Why are all the bloggers so keen to hide behind the mask? If I go I will be wearing my ugly mug.

Raedwald said...

Well, I'm not wearing it in the pub.

Just for the benefit of all the street spy cameras, so they can spot another refusenik amongst the normal pavement crowds.

I expect at the pub we will be individually dispatched at 1 minute intervals or something.

Old Holborn said...

Nothing frightens the powers that be more than anonymity.

Which is why they will do everything within their power to abolish it

Thanks for the support

Anonymous said...

This is "V for Vendetta" movie's inspired double-think: Hate the paedophile, pity the homosexual's lack of freedom. Bad/Good. You are being trained like dogs to react and not think.
Politics used to be about man-women relationships. The feminists on the Left feeling sorry for illegal immigrants, the chauvinists on the Right stating "don't work, don't get paid". The battle was to hold the middle ground.
But then we were handed the Third Reich. Amnesty for illegal immigrants. Pay for not working and more for having a single parent lifestyle. Fathers are forced to be absent from their children. Public lewdness is condoned. Law-abiding citizens fined.
The gender-war has become a virtual one. The man has got into the woman and the woman got into the man. The seriously unsane have got into power. The predatory bisexuals and victim homosexuals , the predatory paedophiles and victim paedophiles.
Those on a Sex Offender's List are allowed out to distract the public, the predatory paedophile slaps the Government D Notice and go unreported.
These are the people promoted into every strata of society thru Diversity. (And you thought it was all about equality). Those without a moral compass tempt you to be offended. When you are desensitised they worry you about something else. Obama's are running you out of your own country and mind with "issues the government can address".
It's a con.

Bill Quango MP said...

You are supposed to remove your hat at the statue of nurse Edith Clavell.
There were even people who waited at the statue, which is near to Charing Cross station, to make sure that Gentlemen removed their hats.