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Friday, 24 October 2008

What a buggerance.

I had to have the cat put down this evening. Got back from work, she was fine - demanding her scran as usual so I fed her, ignored her as usual and all was well. Half an hour later she was crying and semi-immobile. A panicky trip to the emergency vet and a diagnosis of a blood clot that had blocked circulation to her back half. Chance of recovery pretty well zero, but I had pet insurance so vet suggested keeping her hanging on. But she was in pain and distress, so I asked for the lethal jab.

I'm not a cat person, really, but she was the most intelligent little moggie I've ever known. I never gave her a name on the basis that she knew who she was, so she was registered as 'Cat' at the vets and that's what I called her. She was an exemplary companion animal. I shall miss her greatly.

And now I shall get a little drunk.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

My mother had to have her cat put down a few months ago. She would have been 20 last Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry. Cats are spectacularly fine animals who suffer far more than they ought.

Scrobs said...

I'm sorry to see this Raeders.

Cats choose you, and I would feel the same - as we did when the four of ours went one after the other.

I think I'll get a bit drunk too...(perhaps not just now though...)!

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I've read your blog for ages but not sure if I've ever commented before. I'm really sorry to hear about this, I had to have my cat put down this time last year.
Hope you drank well in her memory! BG

The Great Simpleton said...

Always a sad occaision, I hope the hangover isn't too bad.

I'm reminded the of the diference between cats and dogs:

A dog gets fed, walked, petted and generally well looked after, in return all it has to do is sit, walk, stand and fetch when told. It looks at its humans and thinks "This is good, they must be gods.

A cat sleeps where it likes, gets fed when it chooses, gets petted when it chooses and buggers off when it chooses. It looks at its humans and thinks, "this is good, I must be a god".

As I type this one of our cats is demanding feeding and he'll get it!

Raedwald said...

Thanks for all your kind thoughts; the place seems really empty without a cat filling it. Amazing how much they fill a place, really.

Nick Drew said...

it's always a tough one, Mr R: after the last 'final trip to the vets' 5 years ago I vowed never again and that's how it's been

now we just have to comiserate periodically with the neighbours ...

JuliaM said...

You have my sympathies.

"...the place seems really empty without a cat filling it."

Indeed. That's something even man's best friend can agree with sometimes...

Mac the Knife said...

When any of my three encounter The Furry Reaper, I'm quite sure I won't know where the hell to put myself.

What a rotten break. Farewell Raedmog, flights of furry angels etc. etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

The Furry Reaper!Raedmog! Wonderful.

Joking aside, many sympathies to our host.

It's always a sad moment. My two feline residents are fifteen and fourteen years old now, so we're in occasionsl cat-worry mode.