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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Brown's mob of brawling thugs - the Brownshits

In 1930s Munich gangs of swaggering Brownshirts would strut around the bars and beer cellars alive for any hint of dissent; when they found it, they would silence it with fists and boots. Bullies who can't coherently articulate an argument always prefer to employ enforcer thugs to silence criticism.

There's always been a thuggish tendency to Labour, but until Brown the party leaders have always kept it under control. No longer. Yesterday saw our own domestic Brownshirts brawling in the Commons chamber; fifteen whips mingled with the backbenchers in Labour's ranks to yell, shout abuse and generally cause as much disruption as possible. The Tories may have won the vote to have a debate on the emergency budget, but Brown was determined that Osborne's voice should not be heard.

Quentin Letts in the Mail compares it to wild west saloon. It was nothing of the kind. It was a thuggish beer cellar assault by hoodlum Brownshits on a group of social democrats.

That this was led and orchestrated by Labour's whips lays the responsibility clearly at Brown's door; they would never have acted without his explicit authority. This demonstrates more than anything that the fey feartie o'Fife is running scared - running scared of the truth, running scared of the bullying bluster being stripped away to expose the vacuum beneath.

Very well. If Labour are mobilising their thugs and Brown has given his Brownshits free rein to let fly with their fists and boots then the lines are being clearly drawn. He fears the truth - let's tell the truth. He fears debate - let's invite debate. He can't think on his feet - let's push him on the back foot. Now he's drawn his cudgel, let's counter with a rapier.

A man who can authorise this thuggish response in the Commons chamber is capable of much worse. Let's be in no doubt - this will be a fight to the finish, with no quarter.


hatfield girl said...

It isn't only in the Commons. We all watched horrified at the brawling surrounding Prescott's last tour in 2005. And noted the offers to shoot journalists and bystanders trying to ask questions of a Labour canvasser at a Westminster by-election in Scotland.

It is time the matter of New Labour violence, both physical and verbal, on opponents is discussed and condemned. It's ubiquitous and intimidating - as it is intended to be; and contributes to the desertion of Party meetings by many who cannot, or will not, cope with verbal and physical abuse.

Bill Quango MP said...

Maybe its time for a Munich beer cellar bomb?

We have all said it already. No more mister nice guy. Now they are arresting members of the opposition!
The burning of parliament by Mandy and Andy and blamed on "dissident Tories" can't be far away.
The smashing of bank and energy company windows follows.
Then maybe the compulsory wearing of a blue/yellow or green rosette for all "enemies of Democracy"?

Anonymous said...

And they've already started arresting Opposition MPs. Soviet Britain is here.