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Friday, 28 November 2008

Damian Green update

  • Like many of you I have written to my MP, and to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of the Metropolitan Police Authority (Boris and Kit Malthouse)
  • I have made FOI requests to both the Home Office and the Metropolitan Police Service; I doubt they will provide the information I have asked for, but I intend to pass their refusals to the Chairman of the Commons Standards and Privileges Committee who may choose to subpoena them if he thinks his committee should know the answers
  • Old Holborn summed it up succinctly in a comment on Iain Dale's blog; "Two alternatives: 1) Ministers knew - we live in an authoritarian state, 2) Ministers didn't know - we live in a police state."
  • Spyblog usefully posted a reminder link to his brilliant 'Hints and tips for whistleblowers' for any civil servants now more determined than ever to share information in the public interest
  • Tony Benn expressed fury on the World at One, suggesting the Police may be guilty of a contempt of Parliament - BBC iPlayer link - and usefully reminding both MPs and whistleblowers that the surest way was to publish the information as part of Parliamentary proceedings, making it watertight privileged information.
  • Nick Robinson's blog doesn't reckon it's very important and in return Nick's readers don't reckon he's very bright.

Let's see how it runs on the early evening news reports.


Anonymous said...

And after this debacle, the poll lead will only increase.....

Bye-Bye, Meester Broon.

Blue Eyes said...

Has Mr Brown underestimated the British people one last time?