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Monday, 24 November 2008

Not bad, just stupid and industrious

Many of you will have heard of the deathbed advice of Frederick the Great to his son. "There will be those in your service" he said "who are clever and lazy. They will be your senior military officers and civil servants, your ruling politicians. There will be those who are clever and industrious; these will be in the second ranks, able deputies and assistants who will shoulder the work of Empire. There will be those who are stupid and lazy; don't neglect them, for they will fill the ranks of your forces and be your civil servants, and can be managed and knocked into line. But if you find one person - just one - who is stupid and industrious, then cast them from your service as you would a deadly plague, for they will counter the gains of all the others."

Brown's government is very stupid and very industrious. Gordon works twenty hours a day, and the more he works the more damage he does. Gordon and his Labour cronies are not bad, just stupid and zealous. They want to see us come through the recession with the poor, the feckless, the idle and the stupid somehow more advantaged than they were before. And those they intend should pay for this are the clever, the industrious, the careful and the thrifty. They rely on the risk taking and entrepreneurship of small business, the diligence of professionals, the strength of traditional families and the honest striving of all the aspirational classes to fund what is without doubt a scorched earth offensive of lunatic social engineering.

I'm not going to demolish the vacuity of Brown's PBR; Burning our money does so succinctly HERE. Simply that we face, as a nation, challenges that go far beyond the fall out of the banking crisis. Peak oil, the high probability of a global pandemic, the effects of climate change (not, I stress, MMGW), food security, energy security, border security and the rise of asymmetric threats from piracy to Jihadist terrorism. In the decades ahead we will discover austerity as even our fathers never knew in the dark days of the 1940s. The ludicrously myopic fairyland of Darling's economic assumptions are either mendacity or stupidity. Let's stick with stupidity.

More than ever, this nation now needs a Churchill, or at least a Thatcher, with a clear vision and a hope for the future, to steer us through the coming storms. They are nowhere apparent on our political horizon. Instead of political leadership that harnesses the strengths and willingness of our people to some advantageous end, we have the purblind and mentally phimosed destructive and corrosive inanity of Brown's self-interest.

If ever there was a point of despair at the witless pygmies at the helm of state it was today.


Anonymous said...

Blue Eyes said...

I am clever and industrious, and I find it very hard to believe that I will want to carry on much longer under this simplistic regime.

A. Pocca- Lips said...

Like a No 73 bus, a public convenience, or a policeman, there is never a suicide bomber around when you need one. Is there?

Anonymous said...

Well it's not often I have to look up a word I read on a blog, to find out what it means.

But "phimosed" had me beaten I must admit.

And now a word of advice: don't ever Google for "phimosed", especially if you're at work. You really will regrest it, trust me.