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Friday, 28 November 2008


The manner of the arrest and detention of Damian Green, and of the searching of his Commons office, is an outrage.

Firstly, the Metropolitan police, OUR police force, not Zanu Labour's, won't come out any more for a burglary. Your home can be trashed, a lifetime of belongings stolen, your world turned upside down and these clowns invite you to leave a message on an answerphone. Nearly thirty teenage boys have been vilely murdered this year, yet a London bus will still contain an upper deck of kids armed with knives. Illegals and overstayers steal millions from the public purse and by fraud and other acquisitive crime and they're not interested. Yet they turn out in force to arrest an MP who has cruelly exposed Home Office incompetence. Unacceptable. This is the moment when it has become imperative that London regains control of its police force. I and council tax payers in my borough are paying the salaries of a thousand policemen, and I want to see them here, on the buses, on the streets, not hidden in the thousands of Zanu Labour 9 to 5 'units' and made-up non-jobs that the Met has become.

I am writing today to the Acting Commissioner to demand, under FOI rules, to know the name of the senior Met officer who authorised the Green arrest, and to know just how many hours and how much manpower has been devoted to this investigation.

Secondly, Parliament. There are a few of my readers I know who mistake Parliament for Government. And I have been critical and am critical of the behaviour of MPs as a class. However, the privileges of the Commons are our most precious asset - forget for a moment the crass ineptitude, venality, avarice and petty corruption of many of the chamber's current members and think ahead to the day when the Commons is filled with our true representatives locked in pitched battle with a trenchant and besieged government - the preservation of those ancient privileges is critical.

I know little of Mrs Jill Pay, the current Sergeant At Arms who apparently authorised the violation of the house's privileges in the searching of Green's office. She is a career civil servant of the clerical and executive branch by her scanty online CV, and doesn't come to the house from any position of achievement. However, I am certain that the last Sergeant, Major General Peter Grant Peterkin, would not have allowed such access to the house without the assembled Commons having a say in the matter.

There is a reason sometimes why our traditions seem a bit stuffy and non- Zanu Labour and General Peterkin is it; the Sergeant needs to be a man (or a woman of the Margaret Rutherford type) who can tell the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis to get lost. A general can do this as easily as breathing; a former clerical officer with no history of command or responsibility can't.

Thirdly, I cannot believe that the Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, was not informed of the arrest and search. I am sure astute questioning today and over the coming days will reveal this obvious truth. The police don't even arrest an MP for shoplifting without the Home Secretary being told.

This outrage is a watershed. It is an outrage perpetuated by the agents of the State against one of the people's elected representatives. Any personal shortcomings that Damian Green may have are irrelevant; it's the symbolism of the line crossed. I am furious. I am seething. And following the post below, I am wondering more seriously what will be demanded from all of us who hold our social democracy dear to keep it from such vile dangers.


patently said...

If Smith did know, she does not understand her job and should resign.

If she didn't know, she is incompetent and should resign.

Simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Why all this fuss about the arrest of a local councillor? As long as our government in Brussels runs as smoothly as it does, regardless of representatives and representation and with total approval by our local Westminster council we are fine.

Dungeekin said...

There may not have been violent intimidation (let's hang a big YET on that though) - but this regime are still truly evil.

Over the last eleven years they have committed murder. They have murdered the civil liberties and freedoms this country has traditionally enjoyed.

ID Cards. A Database State. 1 CCTV Camera per 15 Citizens. Communications Monitoring. Terror laws to catch those who overfill their bins.

And now - nine Anti-Terror Political Police 'officers' to arrest an Opposition Minister for making public information which deserved to be in the public domain. For doing something that this regime do daily and with great effect (leaks to Peston affecting the stock market, and the recent leaks of the PBR for example).

The Brown Regime is shabby, dishonest and frankly abhorrent, and I believe they will use any method - up to and including the imposition of the Civil Contingencies Act - to hold onto the power and control that is all they covet.

I honestly believe that with this first political arrest, we can safely say that British Freedom (1215-2008) has now died.

Obituary at RIP.


Anonymous said...

It is beyond belief that Broon did not know this was coming.

With such a control freak in No. 10, do you think anyone, even the absurd and contemptible Ms. Smith, would authorise such as step without getting the nod from him?

Anonymous said...

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