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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

So farewell then Woolies

Purveyor of Airfix model kits and Humbrol paints, cheap stationery, pick 'n mix sweeties and hopeless kitchen gadgets, we will miss you. And here's a couple of their cheapo albums of cover versions of the hits of the day - bought by my parents, I hasten to add. Now 12/6d is, erm, 62.5p in metric money. Now that's Woolies value for you.


Anonymous said...

Frankly I won't miss either of them.

Every time I've been into MFI or Woolworths I come out thinking "Why was I in there? Who buys that rubbish anyway?"

I wonder if we are seeing a "flight to quality"?

It's a while since I heard it but there used to be a saying about a certain class of Englishmen who said "I can't afford cheap goods", meaning that they bought quality stuff that could be depended upon to last, effectively, a lifetime.

Perhaps those days are returning?

Bill Quango MP said...

Woolworths is a certain age store. Sadly it was my age.
Fancy dress stuff for the Juniorquango, kids stories and toys for the ever growing number of nieces and nephews and somewhere to get multi packs of chocs for all the staff and customers for Xmas.