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Monday, 8 December 2008

Not farewell to the Colony Room?

Back in September I wrote 'Farewell to the Colony Room' about the demise of the club. I was pretty well resigned to it. Now, in over a decade of membership I've never seen a committee agenda or statement of accounts; like many I suppose I always thought of it as Michael's club, with the committee and constitution being a sort of legal nicety to satisfy the licensing authorities.

Now some concerned and committed fellow members are determined to take this all seriously in a last ditch effort to save the club; last week they obtained an undertaking in the Chancery Court to allow them to hold a full meeting this Thursday with elections to a new committee and everything. I'll be going, of course. They've got a venue that can hold all 240 of us - unlike the club itself. They've got Boris' support and are in the process of persuading English Heritage to consider spot listing the place.

Watch this space.

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