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Thursday, 11 December 2008

'World out of step' claims Brown

Gordon Brown has claimed the rest of the world is out of step with his economic vision after the German Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck described Brown's economic measures as 'barking'.

'Britain is uniquely well placed to make a quick recovery from this minor economic hiccough' said Brown 'and I am using my special talent for economic management to save the world.'

The UK, whose credit rating has slipped below that of McDonalds, was deserted by international investors yesterday as the pound dropped to near-parity with the Euro.


Anonymous said...

And yet there are still people out there who'd gladly vote Labour (presumably from a partisan tribal loyalty rather than from a belief that Labour are effective in government).

TheFatBigot said...

More worryingly, there are still people out there who would gladly vote Labour because they believe they are effective in government.

I know that's hard to believe but I've heard them bleating in the Question Time audience. They have fallen for all the lies and spin over the years and look on Gordon as an economic guru. Fair sends a shiver down the flabby old spine.

Anonymous said...

All parties have partisan cores who would rather see Their Side prevail, even if they're demonstrably wrong, than see The Other Side win.

It's a natural side effect of party politics. Too many people view their elected representatives as party delegates rather than as individuals whose purpose is to represent the constituency.

It is reasonably clear that the growth of state power and the reduction in the quality of education these last twelve years have helped to promote this fundamentally anti-British view of politics and parliament. What is less clear is whether this is a feature or a bug of Labour's policies.

Anonymous said...

I was horrified to get into an argument with a good friend last night who I had previously considered to be reasonably intelligent only to discover that he is convinced that Gordon is 'the only man for this crisis, he's leared his lesson and is now going to go and do it all over again!'

No matter how hard I tried to point it out he just could not see the gaping faultline in his logic!

I would have laughed if I hadn't been weeping.... Getting rid of this bunch of incompetents may not be a foregone conclusion after all.

Bill Quango MP said...

Had the same conversation..started in America..not our nothing bankers have stolen our money..government has lifted the poor out of poverty, Can't blame Labour for the fall in the pound etc.

There was no argument, that was the man's view and he was right.
So you will be voting for more of Gordon's economic miracle i asked.

"NO way..He's a Pratt. I'm voting BNP"

The Great Simpleton said...
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