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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Indignation fatigue (2)

It was only last Saturday that I wrote of the apparent (and it is apparent) indignation fatigue that has seized the nation.

And it was only a couple of months ago, at the start of October that I wrote 'If the concerted actions of world central banks have stabilised financial meltdown, they have won us a breathing space, not a reprieve'.

That weekend in early October the media were concentrated on wall-to-wall coverage of the bank rescue that saw the phenomenal sum of £37bn injected into the British banking system.

Today the papers report a further £200bn of tax funds to be pumped into the collapsing and sclerosed arteries of the country's banks, but it's way down the news agenda. We're not excited any more about fantasy money in a fantasy economy.

And the news that Jack Straw is to introduce an Order - not a bill, as I wrote below - to exempt MPs from the FOI Act draws hardly a murmur across the normally vocal blogosphere. It means, of course, that this time the Lords can't block this move. It's going to happen.

As dawn breaks on another bleak day I wonder what another week will bring.

1 comment:

Umbongo said...

I don't know about this one but usually such orders have to be either passed (by positive vote) or waved through (by no-one doing anything) by both Lords and Commons. I suspect you're probably right though that this one can be introduced by ministerial fiat: not that there would have been many objections anyway.