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Thursday, 12 March 2009

£250bn cost of Glenrothes

The true costs of Gordon Brown's bailouts of the two toxic Scottish banks are now becoming clear, and as Iain Martin in the Telegraph suggests this morning, this largesse with our money was motivated in part by Gordon's nervousness over the Glenrothes by-election.

Whilst the two Scottish failures drain the last of the nation's resources to keep them on nationalised gangrenous feet, commentators are noting that the two City banks, HSBC and Barclays, are still standing on their own.

Guthrum has termed the whole thing another Darien scheme, but it's actually far worse than that.

We must be careful not to allow the failures of one utterly incompetent Scot wholly unfitted for any public office to poison our minds against Scotland or Scots in general; more than ever we both need the strength of our Union. But Brown's toxic, partisan, self-interested distortion of our national priorities will live in ignominy long after we've consigned the faecal Fifer himself to the sewer.


Anonymous said...

Well he certainly made sure of the result didn't he.

Spending all that money, and doing something else - who knows what it was - that made it necessary to "lose" the used ballot papers.

The whole thing is beyond fishy.

Anonymous said...

The important thing is that Broon is hated as much north of the border as south and this is translating into votes for the SNP.

Diehard unionists, conservative middle class central belters, right-leaning Ayrshire farmers - people who would, up 'til now, have voted Tory on principle despite having no chance of winning - are all casting strategic votes for the SNP.

They know that this is their best chance to screw Labour's hold in Scotland and they're being joined by increasing numbers of left-wingers who are disillusioned with Labour generally or Broon personally. And despite voting for Nationalists, the overwhelming majority of these people would vote 'No' on any independence referendum.

The tide is turning heavily against Labour north of the border. Faced with wipeout in England, they'll also lose their lifeboat of 50-60 Scottish MPs.

The thing I'm really curious about is Wales and, specifically, whether there's any Tory or Plaid Cymru growth at Labour's expense.

The Wild Man of the Highlands said...
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Anonymous said...

We must be careful not to allow the failures of one utterly incompetent Scot wholly unfitted for any public office to poison our minds against Scotland or Scots in general

As a Scot, I believe that I speak for the great majority of us. We detest Brown with a vengeance, his twisted and arrogant policies, his corrupt practices.

We no more want to be associated with him than any other sane people would. Similarities with Zimbabwe could be drawn; the majority spoken for by the corrupt minority.

Anonymous said...

"faecal Fifer"...what a lovely alliterative term and describes Gorddom Brownfinger perfectly.