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Tuesday, 17 March 2009

BBC shivers at Cameron freeze

The Beeb has lost the trust of the nation. Like a government too long in power, it's lost touch with the zeitgeist, and is broadcasting to an audience it only imagines exists, or may have existed in 1997 but not in 2009.

Despite the usual complaint, the BBC is positively constipated about party political balance, and Iain Dale's comments over the past couple of weeks on guest-bias on the politics shows will undoubtedly lead to a redress. It's not party bias that's the problem; it's a bias to corporatism, State centralism, and an offensive promulgation of Harmanesque virtues and values that really annoys. The wholesale move to Salford won't alter the corporation's metropolitan leanings one jot; you can take the media luvvie out of London, but you can never take London out of the media luvvie. Nor will this clumsy regionalisation alter the corporation's State centralist bias one tittle.

Here's a tip for the beeb. Scrap BBC4. Its programmes belong on BBC2. Waldemar Januszczak's superb 'Baroque!' was one of only three programmes on the entire digital spectrum I found worth watching last week. Put all the 'edgy' acid-tinged youth programming, unfunny 'new comedy' and the like on BBC3. Stop competing with Sky and stop making 'Cops Thugs Crash' and 'Police, Vomit and Head Butt' type programmes, so low-brow that a snake's rectum would wink down at them. To paraphrase Oscar, all broadcasting is in the gutter but the BBC should be looking at the stars; the corporation's job is to set aspirational standards, not lie down with the scum.

And if the entire bloated staff of the BBC undergo the same anxiety about job security, pay, pensions, the value of their homes and their childrens' futures as the rest of the nation, they may actually have half a chance of re-connecting with the rest of us.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Just sell the BBC and be done with it.

Newmania said...

Terrific post R

Anonymous said...

Concur. Fine post.

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