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Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The Closing of Places of Association Order 2009

Newms is spot on the money in his latest post when he writes about the government's campaign to close pubs "They are places of debate, of meeting of freedom and the state hates them with a venomous instinct it can scarcely conceal"

The Devil in the meanwhile posts at length on the possible use by the State of the powers in the Civil Contingencies Act - which would allow the State to close the nation's pubs at a stroke, by ministerial fiat. The Closing of Places of Association Order 2009. He also reports on growing speculation about government plans to use the army on England's streets to enforce the State's power.

I'd encourage each one of you therefore to call the Home Office Information Rights Team on 020 7035 1029 today and request a copy of the five files on the use of troops during civil unrest (FOI release reference 7482). I'd also encourage each of you to follow this up with a new FOI request detailing any changes in policy or other matters relating to the deployment of troops since the release of these files in November 2007.


Newmania said...

Preen preen

Anonymous said...

You can do FOI requests online here:

Anonymous said...

Just rung and was told "oh, you're the 2nd one to ask for that today"!

Katabasis said...

I'm now apparently the sixth person to have asked today. Heh.

Thanks for posting this Raedwald.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Oh well, I suppose that Labour will be condemning us to solitary evenings of Social Isolation with only a bottle of Laphroig for company, could be worse.