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Monday, 9 March 2009

Even Mandelson finds Brown's approach robotic

Matthew Parris in the Times beautifully described Brown's policy formation approach;

Much the same may be said of the problem-solving programme known as Mr Brown. Focus-grouping tells him voters are angry that top British bankers have been paying themselves fat salaries and bonuses. Key words in these reports trigger links in the Brown brain to key remedies: thus “angry about British banker's bonus” triggers “stop British banker's bonus”. “Salaries too high” triggers “curb salaries”. A cross-linking response is assembled: “control remuneration of British bankers”. But the word “British” then triggers a logic filter; and on to the Brown screen pings a warning pop-up: “Incompatibility with frequent assertion that causes of crisis not British. Try ‘international system for curbing remuneration'.” Brown tries that, and hits Return.

The screen says “That's it. Done. Finished. Your policy transaction has been successful. Add to basket? Create another policy?”
This was curiously echoed by Mandelson on yesterday's Marr show;
I find the Government is really focused, really determined. And the Prime Minister works like a Trojan. He gathers and sorts out complex issues and problems like a combine harvester. So he's going to carry on. He's well focused.
Like a combine harvester, eh? A huge and expensive diva of a machine subject to frequent breakdowns and with a temperamental intolerance to variables outside a narrow band of operating conditions? Yep, I guess that's about right.


Blue Eyes said...

Works like a Trojan? You mean he tries to look like he is one thing while lying in wait to destroy his hosts?

patently said...

Oh dear BE, you've made the classic mistake!

Take hope from the fact that even Raedwald made it recently.

Anonymous said...

Actually, why are Trojans (in either of the modern senses) so called? And why do they work hard?

Anonymous said...

Works like a Trojan? Was that a freudian slip by Lord Mortgagefraudster?

You're not supposed to use them again and again. Use once, then discard.