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Monday, 30 March 2009

'I wanna buy a new babee'

The repugnance many will feel over Madonna's purchase of a new 'babee' is not misplaced. That she is American may explain why she fails to recognise the crassness of this act of self-gratification. In this case the reward is emotional - she is buying the unconditional love of an infant, until it grows to the point when she will need to buy another - rather than economic, as was the case in the past when Europeans bought Africans.

She could, of course, spend the same amount as she will on acquiring and maintaining this one infant on paying local Malawi families small stipends to adopt and care for many of their nation's orphans, and thus improve the sum of human happiness many fold. But this is not about them, it's about Madonna.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I can't understand why Madonna doesn't adopt an American child. Black American children are present in state care in disproportionate numbers and they are the least likely of any race to be adopted.

If Madonna wants a black baby, there are plenty of poor little Jamals and Shaneequas just dying for a good home. But, there again, black Americans don't have the exotic air that an African baby has. Plus, if you adopt an African, you can wax poetical about how you're doing sooooo much for the poor HIV+ communities of sub-Saharan Africa - you can feel their pain and browbeat everyone around you with your liberal superiority.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Madonna already supports childrens charities in Africa.

As an adopted person might I suggest that being taken out of the AIDS ridden rapocracy that is Malawi will be the best thing that has ever happened to that child, whatever Madonnas personal motivation.

The chariddees of course spout on about leaving the child in situ and how she is being denied the love of her extended African family ( so how come she is in a care home ? ) but, of course, every child removed means a loss of influence of those charities and NGOs.
( NGO = International Fake Charity ).