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Thursday, 26 March 2009

If you sup with the devil you need a long spoon

The C of E, as ever, has a problem maintaining its churches. Sorry, 'faith buildings' in the new government parlance. The government reacts by opening the door to the possibility of funding if the C of E makes their 'faith buildings' available for 'community uses' and 'engage effectively in local and regional agendas'.

Piper. Tunes.

This government's use of the 'third sector' as an ancillary arm of the State has been well developed so far in its takeover of fake charities with generous funding, and this opens the way to extend this to churches. Just as long as they 'engage effectively in local and regional agendas'.

Right. So the next South London Home Made Wine and Cider Show will be held in Bermondsey Mosque, then. No? Of course not. It's only Christians that the government expects to bend their faith to accommodate socialist Mammon.


Curmudgeon said...

Love them or loathe them, I suspect the mosques have healthy "congregations" and pay for themselves without State support.

patently said...

But churches have always done that, in the manner that the local community wants them to. How many events are held at the local Church hall?

What is different here, no doubt, is that HMG wants the churches to host the sort of events that HMG wants to be held, not the events that the local community are willing to organise.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How long before Community Faith Centres follow prison and hospital chapels in being obliged to remove Christian icons and paraphernalia ?

Anonymous said...

Note also the snidey little reference to "community and regional issues".


Brussels has to get its snout into this too, doesn't it? "Regional" is a meaningless, unwelcome concept to English people. The mailed fist is showing through the velvet glove.

The C of E needs to take a long hard look at what's happening to private schools ("Yeah, we'll lay off the bullying for a while, if you hand over some of your property to be used by our favoured client groups" ...just until the next turn of the screw) and tell the State where to put its shilling.