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Sunday, 8 March 2009

Judge launches the None Of The Above party

In a recession, I suppose it could be called a brave gesture to put £50k of your own money into a new political party. Less so, perhaps, if you're valued at £30m and are more interested in making a gesture than in really changing anything. Sir Paul Judge and three others, contributing an absolute maximum between them of £200k, are hoping that their new internet-based party the Jury Team to field candidates in forthcoming elections.

The Times gives the launch a decent write up this morning. As a gesture it's on a par with David Davis' resignation and re-election; you can't argue with it on principle but it's hard to see what good it will do.

It's not enough to be against sleaze, corruption and the corrosive growth of the political class; you actually need to be for something as well. Establishing a fund to help independent candidates fight seats on local issues with local support is one thing - and a move I'd unequivocally support - but a national party list of anti-sleaze candidates supported by Obama-like small internet donations is unlikely to do more than distract from the main job right now of getting Labour out of power and keeping them out for half a century.


Sabretache said...

"It's not enough to be against sleaze, corruption and the corrosive growth of the political class; you actually need to be for something as well."

Unless I missed something, they ARE 'For something' - Independence from a corrosively corrupting PARTY political system that deliberately incites vicious tribal infighting over trivia whilst presiding over a cosy and deeply flawed Privy Council level cross-party consensus on the epoch-defining issues of the age. A good start might be made by breaking just one simple, Iron-Clad article of political faith that it is a party-political career-destroying move to question - namely the subordination of all domestic policy to the quest for 'Economic Growth'. They might then go on to question the REAL motives underlying the Anglo-American Imperial Project and our bizarre insistence on involving ourselves, militarily and uninvited, in the affairs of other countries.

It is high time that these taboos - and a good few more like them - were broken and the present two fundamental operating principles of government - Systematic deception of the general population and the incitement of fear the better to exercise control - be exposed for what they are.

I do agree that none of this is likely to happen though - particularly as we are forced to cope with the gathering shit-storm that has hardly started yet.

LibertyMine said...

Quite a pointless exercise.