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Monday, 16 March 2009

Keith Vaz sleaze again

The oleagenous Keith Vaz has a long record of sleaze and petty corruption; rarely can an MP have accumulated such an impressive history of scandal yet seem ever capable of avoiding dismissal by his voters or imprisonment by the courts. Today it's reported that he's been at it again. I've no doubt he'll shrug off this most recent scandal as he has all the previous scandals. The man's a rogue with no redeeming features, and yet is such a fixture in the Commons that he makes his colleagues' attempts at sleaze and corruption appear the work of rank amateurs.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

No doubt "exceptional " circumstances will be found to exonerate him.

The Mail is coming up with good stuff these days, I might have to start buying it.

Dennis said...

Raedwald, a slip of your keyboard there - "Oleaginous" needs an initial uppercase letter, since it's part of his name and is always prefixed to the rest:

Oleaginous Keith Vaz

A bit like That Mick Jagger, as the mater always used to call him.

P.S. Perhaps a hyphen is required:

Oleaginous Keith-Vaz

Ollie to his friends, assuming he has any.

D Mcgregor said...

Vaz in great form when he plays the race card to get his dodgy lawyer mate off the hook.
Could his serial offending and subsequent rehab be anything at all to do with his ethnic usefulness?

Dave H said...

The biggest (i.e. worst) joke is that, in a highly irregular fashion, he was appointed Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

That's right Skippy, a serial sleazebag whose corruption once became so egregious that he was actually suspended, was given responsibility for overseeing the police and law and order in Britain.

Who is making this up?

Anonymous said...

Vaz is untouchable for the same reason that "Lord" Ahmed is untouchable and the horrendously corrupt Mohammed Sarwar is untouchable: the colour of their skin and their command of legions of thugs in the Pakistani "community".

Newmania said...

No opportunity should be missed to use the word "oleagenous ". I am amazed Vaz is still there but then I feel the same way about Mandy

crackers said...

Oliaginous K Vaz is a constituent element of NuLab, part of the DNA of this corrupted putrified corpse of a political body known as NuLab.
He sits alongside others such as Blair, Mandelson, Brown,Campbell, Falconer, Irvine,Goldsmith, Milburn, Beyers, Hewitt, Blunkett, Smith(MsJ, Hoon, Straw,Levy et al at the High Table. Each in their own way corrupt and incompetent.

That Vax has been allowed to exist never mind prosper says more about NuLab and its 'values' than it does about Vaz. That is the unbearable sadness of his existence and our future.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

just seen that scum bag vas on t. v. he was going about tax payers money--- how much has he fiddled. richard littlejohn has the goods on VAS it will all come out soon

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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